New Romance for Michael on 'The Office'

Do we think it's too soon for Michael (Steve Carell) to date after the whole Pam's mom fling/fiasco? Perhaps, but Entertainment Weekly reports that a "significant" new love interest is in the offing for Steve Carell's clumsy alter-ego on The Office.

"Michael is going to meet someone," says Office showrunner and HR person Toby Paul Lieberstein. "It's one of these set-ups where a bunch of people go out and you don't know you're being set up."

However, soon Michael discovers that he's on a date-date, "he kind of flips out and goes into 'date mode.' And it goes in a weird direction from there."

There's possibly a catch here, kind of like the blood drive episode, when Michael met someone while giving blood and never saw her again. Is that considered a love interest?

In any case, what about Holly (Amy Ryan)? While she's currently unavailable, she and Michael appear to be crazy soul mates, as evidenced by their Dunder Mifflin company picnic skit where they end up inadvertently revealing that the Buffalo branch was closing.

Will their reunite ever again? Lieberstein says, "Not this season, but I'd love to see her back."

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