McMommies Back to Work on 'Grey's Anatomy' - Featured

In the last few episodes, Grey's Anatomy had to deal with a couple of new mommies, Katherine Heigl and Ellen Pompeo. What did they do? Fire Izzie for killing someone (sort of), and get Meredith bed-ridden for giving a chunk of her liver to Thatcher. Thankfully, the Grey's team were able to preempt Pompeo's absence by pre-taping her scenes so we'll still see Mer in all the episodes. Heigl, however, asked for a five-week hiatus so she was, well, fired from Seattle Grace.

It's still not certain how the Grey's Anatomy people will get to rewrite Heigl's character into the show after she flew off without so much as a ruckus following an incident with an "invader" from Mercy West. Nevertheless, both Pompeo and Heigl are back on the Grey's Anatomy set, so everything looks normal again, People reports.

"They're both back at work and everyone's really happy to see them," a source from the show said. Izzie will reportedly return on the show's November 12 episode, coinciding with the appearance of guest star Kim Raver of 24 fame.

As a little postscript, noticed how McSteamy (Eric Dane) was absent in a recent episode of Grey's Anatomy? Could it have anything to do with the fact that he and wife Rebecca Gayhert are also expecting their first child together next year?

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