Chuck's Hannah: More Than Meets the Eye?

Kristin Kreuk's Hannah made a pretty good impression on Chuck, as well as on fans of the NBC spy comedy, when she first appeared in last week's epsiode "Chuck Versus First Class." But considering the circumstances of how Hannah and Chuck met, more and more people are wondering if there's more to Hannah than meets the eye.

"Obviously it won't take long for everyone to find out what's going on," Kreuk, who continues her Chuck guest arc tonight, tells "Well, I think everyone will find out. ... Essentially, she's a really nice person who's struggling right now because she's losing her job. ... She really likes Chuck, she really likes computers, and she's just a nice person who's playful and silly and wants to connect with him."

Whether or not Hannah turns out to be a spy, an enemy or someone else we'd never expect, Chuck knows that he can't just pursue a relationship with her, in spite of the fact that Hannah's a really nice person.

"There's a struggle for Chuck on multiple levels. He obviously loves Sarah [Yvonne Strahovski], and he's a spy, and as far as he knows at the moment, Hannah's not. He can't tell her certain things. ... And she truly is, from what you can tell, a nice person. He doesn't want to hurt her or have her harmed in any way. But he's got this dual life, and it's just a fact of his existence at the moment. There are a lot of issues just in that. There can't be full honesty on his part, and she doesn't know that," Kreuk explains.

While Kreuk won't shed light on her identity, she does reveal something about Hanna's open-ended story.

"You guys will see. She's not dead [laughs], and that's something. But you'll see how it goes. There is a possibility and there's open-endedness in a way, but it's also very final in some respects. I know that's really vague," she says.

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