24 Episode Recap: 9:00 PM-10:00 PM

As the hour opens, Jack is trying once again to convince Hastings that Renee isn't fit for her undercover mission with the Russian mafia. But when Jack suggests arresting Laitanan and forcing him to talk (and we all know what that means), Hastings cuts him off: "If you're saying what I think you are, we don't do that any more."

We'll see how many more hours that no-torture order stands, but wouldn't it be novel if we made it through an entire 24 day without Jack putting the screws to anyone?

So Renee's operation continues, as she cuts Laitanan in on her plan to buy the weapons-grade uranium out from under Farhad Hassan. Unfortunately, the deal won't go down for 20 minutes, which gives the two old partners time to catch up.

Surprisingly, Laitanan offers an unprompted apology for attempting to rape Renee a few years back, blaming it on alcohol - but the neck massage he gives her indicates the real motive behind his contrite front. And following it up by calling her a bitch, then indirectly threatening to cut out her tongue doesn't exactly sell the apology either.

While Renee takes a shower, Laitanan sets his next plan in motion: to kill Renee's funding source and keep the money being wired to their account for himself. Renee taking off her clothes with this guy anywhere in a one-mile radius probably isn't the best idea, though, as Laitanan catches her stepping out of the shower, then threatens to call off the whole deal if she doesn't sleep with him.

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