Smallville Episode Recap: "Persuasion" Season 9, Episode 13

When Clark is accidentally infected with gemstone kryptonite, which has wish-fulfilling properties, he makes Lois move in with him and sets an infected Chloe after Lois. Meanwhile, Zod's towers are nearing completion and Clark must stop him or suffer the consequences of their dismal future coming true.

The episode opens with Clark and Lois doing a little digging into RAO corporations (ie Zod's company that's building the towers). This is how two reporters spend their Valentine's Day, but Clark thinks they should be out celebrating. A Cupid-like fairy blows her pixie dust at the couple and suddenly, Clark's eyes go purple.

At the Daily Planet, Lois insists on getting a story out. "Lois, maybe we should put our relationship before our work, just for tonight," Clark says, wanting some semblance of a traditional relationship. Lois' eyes flash purple and she's suddenly under his spell. When Clark's plans change because of the tower opening in two days, she replies, "Anything for your career sweetie." Uh, Lois Lane would never say that and this is definitely not the star reporter we know and love, especially when she quits her job.

At Watch Tower, a vase of roses stands on a table. Could Oliver be Miss Sullivan's Valentine? Clark arrives to pick up documents that would create new lives for the Kandorians. "You're a life saver," he tells her. "If by that you mean sweet on the outside and empty in the middle, that's pretty much exactly how I feel right now," she retorts bitterly. She doesn't agree with him helping the Kandorians, but he says that she just needs to focus on watching his back. And there goes that flash of purple again. "I will protect you no matter what it takes," she replies robotically.

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