Recap Medium: Season 6, Episode 16 - ALLISON ROLEN GOT MARRIED

Allison dreams of a little girl (Bridgett) asking Joe when her Mom is coming back. Joe tells the girl she isn’t. Allison wakes up in the past (long before kids), a few days before she’s to marry Joe, and tells him about her weird dream where she saw their future child. Preparing for the wedding, Allison sees a woman hanging fliers for her missing daughter – Allison immediately envisions the girls’ murder. She’s further shaken by her visions at dinner where she meets Joe’s parents for the first time. Joe discovers his parents have hidden their recent separation from him. That night, Allison dreams about a girl, Ariel, being abducted and eventually killed, not knowing this is her daughter. In a dream of the future Joe ID's Ariel at the morgue and mentions Allison has been obsessed with finding her killer and Allison realizes that if she and Joe get married that their daughter is going to be killed. Allison’s dead grandmother urges her to tell Joe the truth about her ability, however, when she does, he’s skeptical and unsupportive.

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