Smallville: Preview of Episode 9.06 "Crossfire"

We're still on the Oliver Queen express here on Smallville, as another episode focused on the development his character is up tonight. However, it looks as though Lois (Erica Durance) and Clark (Tom Welling) are getting ready to steal the show. That's right, tonight's episode marks that defining moment that Clois fans have been waiting for all season.

On "Crossfire," Oliver (Justin Hartley) encounters a young street girl, who has an extraordinary power. Guest star Elise Gatien portrays Mia AKA Speedy, skilled in archery and the eventual protege of our Green Arrow.

Oliver does his best to help Mia out by offering to train her, hoping to save her from her dangerous life. She can't run around forever, but it's going to be a challenge getting that out of her system. Mia double crosses Oliver in the end, which causes him to regret his efforts.

So let's head on to the more "legendary" scenes in the episode. Lois asks Clark for help in landing her a job as an on-air television host. He agrees, but is shocked at what the studio is asking. After seeing their chemistry, the station tells the two that they'll only hire Lois if Clark agrees to be her partner.

Their admirable teamwork is what's needed to spice up the show, which obviously pleases Clark. As for Lois, she isn't too disappointed herself. This instant in "Crossfire" will certainly cause more Clois moments in the future, which even Smallville execs are excited about.

Below, you can catch the trailer for the episode. It doesn't have Oliver in it at all, but you'll probably forget about the guy once you see the tension brewing between Lois and Clark. Well, even more tension than we expected.

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