'Work of Art' recap: Judge to Erik: 'Why?' 'Why?' 'Why?' Episode 6

I'm ambivalent about the way things worked out on Work of Art: The Next Great Artist this week. Yes, the hour was the most dramatic to date, with fascinating exchanges in particular between Miles and Erik. These young men grappled with the big questions, vigorous debates that went to the very heart of what it means to be an artist: Miles called Erik a fourth grader with a bad-ass macho attitude, while Erik called Miles a total douche and a stuck-up art p - y. Why, it was like Barnett Newman debating Jackson Pollock! Like Larry Rivers vs. Robert Motherwell!

But in the process of this highly amusing fracas (I did relish Erik accusing both Miles and Jaclyn of promulgating their typical art-school crap) we ended up with an alienated Erik, a marginalized Erik, an Erik who ultimately went home, shaking his metaphorical fist at well, Erik said it himself so eloquently: trained artists who have their heads stuck up their asses.

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