LOST - Season 5 Deleted Scene

Well, it's about that time - the buildup for the fifth season DVD of Lost has finally started. And that means that over the next few weeks, we'll be seeing previews of the bonus content available on the DVD or Blu-Ray set when it comes out on December 8. Last year, we got to see a deleted scene of Miles at the sonar pylons. This year, we get an even better treat: Christian, Sun, and Frank at the Barracks.

While not much is revealed in this scene, it's nice to finally see some new content after such a long, long hiatus. The scene, from "Namaste," features Frank and Sun watching in confusion as Christian begins to open one of the DHARMA houses (the one where the recruit picture is housed). "Who the hell is this guy?" Frank wonders aloud. The scene, entitled "One of Ben's People," is one of many that will be available on the box set come December.

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