The Biggest Loser Episode Recap: Week 2

Alison welcomes everyone to campus, then says: "This competition is about to get a whole lot bigger - 700 pounds bigger." Turns out Bob and Jillian were able to each select one of the seven contestants from Week 1 who didn't make the official cut. Aaron and Elizabeth are back in the game. Ali also reveals that despite the team colors, each player will be competing individually.

"You think you may know what goes on in this house, but you have no idea," Bob tells the contestants during their first workout. After lots of puking, and even passing out, it's on to Dr. H's office. The visits are eye-opening as always and we learn that Lisa's "inner age" is 61, not 31, Aaron has 51 percent body fat and has diabetes and Rick's heart disease risk is at 31 percent.

Next the players hit the kitchen. Bob and Jillian ask them about their typical meals (big mistake) and we hear about sandwiches called the Terminator and the Gravedigger. Soon after, three packages show up and it's the awful heart attack on bread meals they were talking about. It doesn't get much worse than sandwiches topped with fries. While it's all fun and games at first, Brendon gets emotional as he opens up to Bob about throwing away the love of his life. He and Bob will definitely be tight this season.

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