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Oh no - Ashley....

I felt throughout the first season that Ashley was a rather weak character, a little cliche if you will. So I'm a bit disappointed that she would appear to be one of the principal storylines for season 2!

SPOILERS - IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN EPISODE 1 DON'T READ ON PLEASE.............................................

I thought the whole Ashley combination vamp/airshifter/and any other 'powers' we can think of, was a terrible idea. The nails, the eyes, the healing powers. Groan. Another indestructible monster. Who cares?


| 16:43 EDT, 16 Oct, 2009
The whole point of Ashley's transformation is so the Sanctuary team will have to find a way to bring her back. By doing this, they will learn what has been done to her and perhaps gain their greatest knowledge for fighting the Cabal.
| 10:55 EDT, 15 Oct, 2009
i don't like it either but i'm intressed what they are gone do whit it. is she comming back? do they have to kill her? and is she gone resist the brainwasing and go dubble?

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