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With Smallville returning with a Green Arrow-centric episode tomorrow, it really will be a proper tribute to him if we hear from actor Justin Hartley now. We'll be seeing him portray the Metropolis archer once again, as he is haunted by a figure of his past. His old mentor, the Dark Archer, returns in the hopes of closure and revenge.

"It's a lot about [how] Oliver has gone down this dark path and has sort of rebounded and found himself again, and everything is going well," Justin Hartley told IGN. "And then this guy from his past comes back and reminds him of what he was like, and it starts to feel really familiar to Oliver."

Tomorrow's new installment will certainly give us a deeper understanding of the character, and the actor agrees. "I think what you learn -- that is a beautiful part about Oliver's character -- is this is gonna be something that torments him his whole life, and it's not something that he's gonna get over; it's something that he's gonna have to deal with," he said.

"And Oliver doesn't deal with things; he ignores them. So this is something that he can't ignore, which is kind of neat."

But the Green Arrow also has his share of mentorship, since he's suddenly found himself teaching Mia (aka Speedy) his superhero ways. "That's fun, because usually he's the one kind of messing everything up, and it's really actually funny that he's trying to teach someone how to be, how to function," Hartley went on. "But they've got a good relationship."

Speaking of relationships, we all know how smitten he was with Lois. With her being with Clark now, is there any possibility for Oliver to have his own share of romance?

"I don't think he'll ever move on," the Smallville actor said. When asked if Oliver is keeping his options open, mainly for Chloe, he answered in a positive note.

"Yeah, that could happen," Hartley teased. "I don't know how much of that I'm allowed to say; just that I hope people are into it."

Seeing the supportive Chlollie comments on the site, it can only be a matter of time before this little ship pushes through. Hopefully that's not just wishful thinking for the fans.

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