House Episode Recap: "5 to 9" Recap Season 6, Episode 13

Cuddy is faced with a difficult decision that could jeopardize the future of the hospital. In "5 to 9," a Cuddy-centric episode, viewers get a glimpse of a day in life of Princeton-Plainsboro's Dean of Medicine. In addition to dealing with House, Cuddy must make a very important decision regarding a new insurance contract that could jeopardize the fate of the entire hospital. Plus, a thieving pharmacy tech makes her already crazed day even worse.

It's 5 a.m., and Cuddy's alarm clock goes off. She rises, does some yoga poses and rushes over to tend to her screaming baby. She tries to shower and get ready while dealing with her sick daughter, and the single mom winds up running late in the process. Just as Lucas enters from an overnight stakeout, he tries to convince Cuddy to have a quick romp in the sack since she's already late. She gives in to his advances, and just as they're about to get down to business, Cuddy gets an emergency page from House that she ignores. Unfortunately for Cuddy, Lucas lasts all of two minutes and now she's late for work "and frustrated." Ha.

Cuddy arrives at the hospital and is getting pulled in every direction. House gets on her case bright and early, and he reveals that he was assisting Lucas on his stakeout last night to help diagnosis someone. During the stakeout, the two made some childish bets - including one that questions whether Cuddy would answer an emergency page from House during morning sex. But Cuddy has much more important things to deal with today.

Her main concern is to negotiate a new contract with a giant insurance company that covers the bulk of the hospital's patients. Cuddy is pushing for a 12 percent reimbursement contract, and the money-hungry insurance company refuses to grant more than 4 percent because they're a small hospital and have no leverage to make those demands - even if they are one of the best hospitals in the country. Being the tough cookie that she is, Cuddy tells the insurance exec if they don't come back with 12 percent by 3 p.m., she will terminate the contract. Ballsy move, but is she bluffing?

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