Review: Friday Night Lights - In the Bag Season 4, Episode 7

Friday Night Lights is a show that's as much about subtle touches as it is about bone-crunching hits on the football field. This episode was all about pain, but not just the kind that requires a doctor's touch. Julie felt it, as did Landry, Becky, Vince and Tim in their own ways.

For a change of pace, Tami wasn't getting the fuzzy end of the lollipop, and for Coach Taylor, things were looking up even though the sheriff was snooping around the locker of one of his players. And if you're wondering what happened after Matt left Dillon last week, read on.

The pain that Julie felt was the result of Matt's abrupt departure. What made it even harder to take was that after three years, Matt had left and not bothered to call her. He contacted his family, but nothing for Julie. Throwing herself into Academic Smackdown turned out to be therapeutic. In fact, the question about Thomas Wolf's novels seemed like a plant.

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