The Big Bang Theory' Recap: Guest star Judy Greer gets to 'know' Leonard...and Raj

Throughout The Big Bang Theory‘s third season, Penny + Leonard = A highly variable equation for comedy. But as these last few episodes have proved, (Penny - Leonard) x Sheldon’s utter befuddlement = A rock-solid constant of belly laughter. After dealing with the end of Pennard head on last week, the writers slyly came at the issue sideways by introducing Judy Greer as Dr. Elizabeth Plimpton (pictured, right), a famous physicist visiting the Big Bang boys’ university who also turned out to be an insatiable sexpot with an apparent taste for sex-starved science geeks.

Since it was obvious that Dr. Plimpton’s official host Sheldon was infinitely more interested in her body of work than (yep, I’m going there) her body, she set her sights instead on his smitten roommate Leonard, who, she learned from Sheldon, was all the more ripe vulnerable thanks to his recent break-up. One strip show in Leonard’s bedroom (while expounding on theoretical physics) later, and Leonard’s brain was instantly “Penny who?”

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