My Bloody Valentine Review (may contain some spoilers)

The episode starts with two young people plainly falling in love. They kiss - and begin to devour each other (very gross scene!). Other passion related deaths happen and the boys call in Castiel to help. Castiel senses a cupid in town and they think he's gone rogue. Turns out Cupid is not to blame - another of the Horsemen - Famine - is in town, making the inhabitants crave what they want most and taking that hunger to its furthest extreme ( ie a dieter eats himself to death; an alcoholic drinks himself to death etc). Castiel is affected through his vessel, and is craving burgers (Dean: "How many is that now?" Castiel: "It's in the low hundreds..."), but Dean feels nothing - he reckons his appetities are just well-filled. Sam is craving demon blood. He can smell it around him. Dean and Castiel lock Sam up and go off to find the Horseman to get his ring, but are ambushed, Castiel by a plate of raw mince, Dean by a bunch of demon-minions. He's taken before the Horseman, who puts his hand on Dean's chest and 'reads' him, telling him that the reason he feels nothing is that there is nothing inside him, no soul, nothing. Sam meanwhile has been liberated by two minor demons sent to him by the Horseman. He makes short work of them and drinks their blood. He goes to rescue Dean. He takes out all the minions but refuses to drink from them. Famine takes all their souls - that's his hunger. Sam can't take Famine - but he can push all Famine's souls away from him, driving him out. Sammy's powers are seriously off-the-scale now. Dean is shocked. In the end, Sam has to go back into detox and Dean needs time to be alone. Famine has put into words what he'd known about himself since he got out of Hell. He cries to God for help.


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