How I Met Your Mother Episode Recap: "Rabbit or Duck" Season 5, Episode 15

This week is chock-full of Valentine's Day romantic escapades. Ted puts Marshall and Lily in charge of his romantic future - that is, he asks them to choose his perfect woman for him. Meanwhile, Barney tries his most successful girl-getting tactic yet, but it turns out to be too successful. And Robin wrestles with whether or not to date her obnoxious coworker, Don.

Future Ted starts off by telling a story about how all of his friends watched the 2010 Super Bowl in his apartment. Well, all but Barney. Cut to a shot of Barney in the Miami stadium, holding up a big sign that says, "Hey ladies, Call Barney Stinson." (It's a 555 number in the episode, but the sign had a real number during the actual Super Bowl telecast. Did anyone else actually call it? I called and got a recorded message from Barney, setting up a date at MacLaren's in 2016.)

Later, at MacLaren's, Barney comes in with Ranjit and brags about his terrific idea. Apparently his phone is now ringing nonstop, which means that he has "infinity" girls to hook up with now. Ranjit is going to be Barney's personal chauffeur for the next week as Barney hooks up with hundreds of women because Barney doesn't want to take the subway. ("You know...germs," he says.) The plan works immediately, because a girl who's just texted Barney waltzes up to their table and says, "Wow, you are the guy from the Super Bowl." Barney smirks. "Magic phone, guys. Magic phone."

Robin comes to the table and immediately starts whining about her pants-less, completely unprofessional co-anchor, Don. His latest offense? Asking Robin out during a live telecast. She had to say yes because she didn't want to turn him down in front of viewers. After some prodding, Marshall gets her to admit that Don didn't technically ask her out - he just mentioned that he was having some friends over and she should drop by. Robin insists that it's a date...mostly because she likes Don more than she's letting on, and she wants it to be a date. (But she still insists that she hates him.)

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