'Heroes' Season 4, Episode 19: 'A Brave New World' Finale Review - Featured

If past Heroes finales have thought us anything, it's that we can expect to see all the good people with abilities, even those long-forgotten ones, to band together to bring down one big baddie. And that's exactly what happened tonight in the episode "A Brave New World," only this time, the villain we've come to know and love since Season 1 actually turned out to be a hero.

The final episode of the fourth season (or possibly the last episode of the entire series) picks up right exactly where Heroes' last episode left off. Noah is still holding on for dear life while her daughter Claire shouts for help. It's pointless, though, because they are about 50 feet underground, thanks to Samuel, who obviously put Claire with Noah so she can watch him die.

For the time being, Noah and Claire make use of their time left to sort of their father-daughter issues. It's pretty emotional to see Noah, who is usually described as a man with a plan, feel hopeless and helpless. He asks for Claire's forgiveness for the things he's done in the past but reassures her that he did all those things to protect her. He also tells her that he loves her and that he can now die a happy man because Claire changed everything in his life for the better. And before taking what looks to be his final breath, he makes Claire promise that her true identity will remain hidden from the world as Samuel makes his big carnival reveal.

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