Recap: "After School Special"

We finally got a glimpse of Sam and Dean in high school. Dean wore shorts. And we found out what happens when someone calls Sam a freak. Apparently, when he was a teenager, it meant he went medieval on a bully's ass, even if he hadn't exactly gone through that monster growth spurt we know he was about to experience. Don't mess with wee Sammy. That tiny kid was tough.

I don't know about you guys, but I loved the "previously." Sure, it wasn't set to any awesome piece of classic rock music, but it did feature scenes from the pilot, "Something Wicked," "Scarecrow," "A Very Supernatural Christmas" and "Dead Man's Blood" among others. We saw Sam questioning the way he and Dean grew up, which has been one of the major themes of the entire series. After all, he went to college in a bid to get out of the life and be normal and become a lawyer. Dean's complete faith and worship of his dad was reinforced as well. This blind faith in Big Daddy Winchester has always been bothersome to Sam. We saw tons of BDW being Hunter John with his one-track mind. We saw him being Absent John. The recap refreshed our memory of the fact he was gone on hunting trips for much of Sam and Dean's childhood. And we saw Regretful John. He finally admitted he never wanted this life for his sons. I'm spending some quality time on the recap because it was a quick and dirty study of the Winchester family dynamics (very dysfunctional). And it was a perfect way to set up the episode that sent Sam and Dean back to one of the many schools they attended when they were teenagers.

What jumpstarted the high school flashback was the present-day murder of a cheerleader recently spurned by the mean girls and mean boys who once called her friend. She was forced to sit with the school outcast (the horror!). When the popular girl unloaded a slew of insults all over the overweight teen, it was on. The two ended up in the girls' bathroom where the possessed outcast drowned the spiteful cheerleader in the toilet water. Eww.

Sam and Dean snagged jobs at their old high school in order to investigate the potential supernatural slaying. Sam was a janitor. And Dean, he was the shorts-wearing gym teacher (more on that later). But more important than the case, at least to me, were the flashbacks where we saw a little bit of what Sam and Dean went through back in the day. John was gone and left Sam and Dean to fend for themselves. There was a great bit during the first flashback where the shots alternated between lil' Sam going to his homeroom on their first day at the new school and teen Dean going to his homeroom. While Dean immediately caught the eye of a pretty girl and the ire of the teacher, Sam instantly made a connection with the class geek and clashed with the class bully.

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