Recap: "Stress Relief"

The Office Super Bowl spectacular, was ... spectacular. Dwight's fire drill led to Stanley's heart attack, and when Michael thinks there's too much stress in the office, he organizes his own roast. Meanwhile, Pam has to deal with her parents' separation, which may or may not have been stoked by Jim's advice to Pam's dad, and Jack Black dumps Jessica Alba for Cloris Leachman in the pirated movie.

This was one of my favorite episodes ever. It had me laughing out loud all the way through. To do justice to each brilliant scene, I'm going to change up the format a bit, and give highlights and favorite quotes after each section recap.

*The Safety Inspector

I pay about as much attention to fire drills at work as I do to safety speeches on a plane. If my building caught fire, I'd probably head straight to the elevators; if I was on that plane in the Hudson, I'd probably be sleeping with the fishes. So I can appreciate the frustration Dwight felt when he gave his fire safety lesson the week before, and no one paid attention at all. To borrow a Chris Rock line: I'm not saying what Dwight Schrute did was right, I'm just saying I understand.

Dwight's meticulous approach to his "hands-on" fire safety lesson was brilliant: blowtorching the metallic door handles, jamming doorstops into all the doors, keeping the actual fire contained in a small space, and cutting the phone lines. The chaos that ensued had me rolling on the floor. Here are my favorite reactions to the fire drill:

* Kevin attacking the vending machine, and stuffing bags of chips in his suit.

* Angela tossing her cat to Oscar, which promptly falls through the drop ceiling, disproving the maxim that cats always land on their feet.

* Oscar's feet dangling from the drop ceiling, just as Dwight set off the fireworks - making it seem as if the office is not only on fire but under attack.

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