Who's There "For the Right Reasons"? What Does That Even Mean?

If you've ever watched a dating reality show, especially the high profile, marriage-goal-oriented ones--think multiple singles competing for the love of one seemingly perfect mate, like Joe Millionaire, Farmer Wants a Wife, and (of course) The Bachelor/The Bachelorette--the phrase has likely become a familiar, though still ambiguous, part of your vocabulary: "(s)he's not there for the right reasons." It's the all-encompassing term for any specious behavior on behalf of a contestant who appears to harbor ulterior motives, however slight, other than falling head-over-heels, puppies-and-picket-fences, babies-and-bathtowels in love with the star of the show.

And if the phrase gets spoken aloud about you--if another contestant accuses you of not "being there for the right reasons," especially to the person whose love for which you're competing... have your bags packed, buddy, because it's also the kiss of death for the next elimination ceremony, or at least soon after.

Which brings me to the reality dating show at hand: The Bachelorette, with our spunky little maple leaf, Jillian Harris. On and off the show, there's been lots of talk of which of the 13 remaining men are (and are not) "there for the right reasons"...but very little of it seems to have been brought to Jillian's attention... yet. So, at least for now, everyone in question remains in the game.

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Jun 9, 2009 1:37AM EDT

Uhmmm, "the right reasons" is, I believe, just another (annoyingly overused) catch-phrase to keep viewers hooked. It goes along with "amazing", "quality time", "journey", etc ...
Now, if Chris Harrison had to define that, he might say "the right reasons" means something like:- there to lavish all attention, adoration and praise onto the object of the show- not there to self-promote- looking for more than just the 'experience' of the show
.. add any others you think fit here.

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