Nurse Jackie - Nosebleed - Review - Spoilers included

Review will be storyline by storyline, not as it happened.

Jackie and her family are having a day out prior to her starting her shift. When her youngest child's balloon bursts the child won't be satisfied until peace-maker sister lets one of her balloons go too.

At a meal the young girl expresses a wish that the hospital would burn down, sending Jackie in to the bathroom where she snorts some more drugs. On arriving at work, jackie spots an itinerant who is a regular at the ER as he is a diabetic. He collapses and Jackie tends to him. While trying to revive him her nose starts to bleed. When he is undressed, the nursing staff discover that he has a gangerous foot which will have to be amputated. Zoey points out that if it had been treated last time he'd been in, it might have been caught at the blister stage and the foot would have been saved. Jackie claimed she told Zoey to get a Dr to see the man, but Zoey denies this, saying Jackie's instructions had been very clear - "greet them and street them". Again, Jackie makes it clear that Zoey must have made a mistake and missed her instructions. Zoey, realising she is being sandbagged, carries on working and doesn't argue. Jackie later on checks Zoey's book and sees the instructions written clearly - 'greet them and street them' - Dr? No. Socks? Yes. Jackie realises she might have been partly responsible for the man losing his foot.

A student is wheeled in brain dead and again, Jackie 'looks for' the donor card, fails to find it but claims he has one anyway. The parents are stuck between airports and she calls for Coop to certify brain death and get the transplant process underway presumably before they arrive. Coop is making love with his girlfriend in an exam room and misses the page (again). Eventually Jackie crashes in, finding him half naked, and gives him a piece of her mind. She goes out and tells the transplant team that Coop signed off on brain death and to get the process underway. She goes down to the hospital chapel and does more drugs. Again her nose begins to bleed.

The baby storyline is resolved at least for the time being. Mrs Akalitus begins putting out feelers with a view to adoption, but before she can do more, social services tell her the parents have turned up. She demands to speak to them in her office. They tell her that they were just tired looking after him and wanted a weekend away, so they left him somewhere they felt would be safe. She then tells them he's dead. They're distraught, so she then tells them he's fine, but they are never ever to do anything like that again. They sign a waiver releasing the hospital of any responsibility and take the child away.

Eddie has decided that he'd like to meet Jackie's child. I have a feeling that he doesn't realise she is married.

Eleanor treats Jackie's nose, telling her it's a real mess up there and she says she'll get her husband to install some air conditioning. It's the first sign we have that Jackie's drug use is starting to affect her in a more serious way that perhaps in the past - firstly in her offhand treatment of the hobo and then with the bleeding from her nose. Eleanor tells jackie that she marvels at how she can cope with everything - the family life, the work and the affair. She says she's been talking about Jackie to her sister in France who is in a similar position but is a complete wreck. Jackie is furious. She feels betrayed by Eleanor's breach of confidence and points out that whatever Eleanor thinks, they are not sisters.


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