Fantastic Villainess....

Kudos to Ally Walker for one of the best female villains since Lady Macbeth! The end of series 2 was slightly rushed, but left plenty of room for movement in season 3. I also think special mentions to Dayton Callie as Chief Unser for the role of his life. Really strong cast. The only one that slightly bothers me is Clay, played by Ron Perleman. With the best will in the world, he's just too old. Even if he just had arthritis in one or two fingers there's no way he's able to charge around on a motor bike (vibrations would drain the circulation apart from anything else) and throwing punches as he does let alone handling guns with any speed or dexterity. No matter how tough he is, he's just too old. I love the supporting cast in this; there's not one I could pick out as being a weak link. SO SAD they killed off Prospect Half-Sack though. He was a great character - he represented us, the viewers, a bit green but keen to see what happens next. Have to say though, don't think the Doc would have gone quite to bits like that at the end, (Docs can compartmentalise better than most of us) but I realise it was just for the drama. Brilliant drama. Loving it.


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