'Ugly Betty' Bites: 18 juicy lines from 'The Past Presents the Future'!

Wasn't last night's second-to-last episode of Ugly Betty one of the most precious hours of television ever? Between Hilda's wedding - she and Bobby are too cute together! - and, of course, Justin's sweetly subtle coming out, I was bawling during most of the hour. Okay, I'm being a bit dramatic, of course, but I honestly couldn't help but tear up with the Justin stuff. I simply loved that Justin didn't ever say 'I'm gay' - instead, he just walked on to the dance floor with his new boyfriend, Austin, and his family couldn't have been happier. This kid is 16 years old, people! Wow, wow, wow. Warms my heart that this kind of thing is on network television! It's for storylines like this - and, you know, everything else, like the fashion and whatnot - that will make Ugly Betty go down in television history.

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