'Burn Notice' Season 3, Episode 16 - 'Devil You Know' Recap (Season Finale)

If you wonder where the excitement is in entertainment, you're probably not watching 'Burn Notice.' However, if you're reading this review, you probably are a watcher and you have just gorged yourself on what was mostly called a season finale.

In some ways, it was a typical 'Burn Notice' finale, leaving Michael in a seemingly puzzling situation. This was ranked up there with one of the more intriguing ones. It was everything creator Matt Nix promised it would be. More on that, the client named Simon, and how to hot-wire a jet ski after the jump.

Before the recap from last week sunk in regarding Gilroy and the bomb, Sam, Fiona and Michael were in full emergency mode. Make that emergency-emergency mode. It's good to know that our crack team have contingency upon contingency plans. You would expect nothing less. Although there was one major loop hole that remained unclosed for the entire show. After the one call to Madeline, nobody went back to check on Mom. What if Simon went after her?

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