Recap: "Goodbye, My Friend"

This week on NBC's 30 Rock, baby-crazy Liz pursued a pregnant girl's Dunkin' munchkin, things got Harry as Jack took Frank under his wing, and Jenna struggled to share the birthday spotlight with Tracy. Ready, set, recap!

OK, this was a better show than last week's, thanks in large part to two things. One, when the show latches onto something obscure-ish yet vaguely memorable - e.g. Harry and the Hendersons - that's always fun, especially when it helps drive home a message. (And a drop-by from the film's star never hurts!) Secondly, I personally am a big fan of the B-stories that play off of Jenna's selfishness or insecurity, and ideally both. The Juno-esque plot with Liz? Mere icing on the cake.

Actually, it was icing on the cruller, as Liz got the idea to befriend a donut shop employee who was A) pregnant, B) mad at her frightened babydaddy and C), skimming adoption literature. After some bonding and a bit of Neo singing, Liz creates a job for Becca, as TGS' "youth consultant." (After all, "The CW has them.") Working together, Liz picks up on some slang while trying to steer Becca toward her dream of being a recording artist. Thing is, girlfriend would not even make it to Idol's Hollywood round. Liz tries to gloss over that shortcoming, but ultimately, once babydaddy Tim shows up at 30 Rock - as does John Lithgow (!) - she sets aside her own agenda and prompts the kids to make this situation work.

Elsewhere, Jack is trying to keep busy while Elisa is away, so he decides to hang with the writers. It's Movie Night for the boys - as in the aforementioned Harry and the Hendersons - so they head to Jack's (versus Lutz's place, lest Jack feel sorry for the guy during contract talks). There, Jack and Frank realize they both are the products of deadbeat dads, so Jack decides to do right by Frank and pave the way for Mr. Message Hat to finish law school. Heck, Frank even cleans up and gets a suit from Jack's tailor ("the same cut worn by Reagan the day he was shot").

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