LIE TO ME ''Black and White'' Review Season 2, Episode 22

Cal’s whole world is falling apart in the season 2 finale of LIE TO ME, called Black and White. First off Cal’s friend is murdered, a reporter who was working on a story about a politician who’s also the focal point of an FBI investigation. She was meeting with a source, a man who had evidence that he’d been hired to kill the Councilman’s sworn enemy. Cal finds out that the man who is the supposed target is actually the one behind it all. He wanted revenge for having his fiancé stolen twenty years ago, back when the Councilman was just a beat cop. Along the way, Cal steps all over the Bureau’s toes and he and Reynolds go head to head right before the agent is shot and seriously wounded.

While Cal has a murder to solve and a friend in the hospital, duties of fatherhood vie for his attention as well when he stumbles on Emily and her boyfriend alone in the house. Never one to lie to her dad, she comes right out and admits she’s been having sex, making his life even more complicated.

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