THE BIG C ''The Cancer Car'' Review

Cathy cashes out her 401k and buys a fully loaded–and to her dismay, stick shift-convertible in the Playing the Cancer Car episode of THE BIG C. She throws around a lot of cash this episode, but it doesn’t buy her any peace; that comes from a day with Dr. Miller. Adam’s attempted shoplifting may actually help bring both him and Marlene some peace, and Paul finds his version of peace on-and potentially off-the rugby field.

Cathy’s behavior is getting more erratic. After flashing cash all over the place, she dines and dashes after an appointment/fake date with Dr. Miller. She gets a little too hilariously into the fantasy when she invites herself on his appointment to see a house, but Dr. Miller surprisingly plays along, later admitting he feels bad he has more of a future than she does. “There’s something wrong with you,” says the 401k counselor after Cathy takes bite of his cinnamon roll, and Cathy agrees. Too bad her family hasn’t noticed. Laura Linney does a terrific job keeping the antics wistfully whimsical rather than out of control crazy. It’s a fine line, but she walks it perfectly and I love how Cathy tells Dr. Miller she had a great day.

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