WEEDS ''Bliss'' Review Season 6, Episode 4

In the Bliss episode of WEEDS, Silas and Shane find comfort zones while Nancy gets her hash business up and running, Andy gets a promotion, and Doug remains lost with his would-be killers. Nancy strikes a deal with the hotel concierge to start distributing her product where she gives him 25% of her sales. The other 75% go to Andy, Silas, and Shane, and she runs into a product shortage after another maid interrupts her hash's drying cycle, so she has to barter used oil from the hotel kitchen to get more. Andy, who has just been promoted to sous chef because of his duck confit, objects but is, as always, overruled. Silas pretends to be a college student and jumps into a life of Frisbee and vajazzling that cuts his lip. Shane pretends to be Stevie's father to a mommy group in the park but is caught with the moms threatening to call child protective services just as Andy and Nancy are stopped by police as they carry trash bags full of marijuana trimmings.

Oh, Nancy. Shane may be psychotic, but he has a point about her being a bad drug dealer. I so want to believe her when she says that she gets shit done, but it always seems to fall apart, doesn't it? I love her scenes with Linda (Men are the Monday crossword, but we're Sunday. Is that the road paved with bullshit?) and the other hotel maid (Pray to Jesus and play the lotto, girl.), but for much of the episode she seems flat and much too passive. Not with Andy, of course, because Andy will always out-passive her, but I'd like more aggression from my favorite passive-aggressive drug dealer. I doubt the close encounter of the cop kind will lead to anything, but it's just another sign Nancy/Natalie needs to get her act together. See, he just read to him in his underwear and the guy tipped him. Shouldn't there be a smidgeon of maternal concern there?

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Dec 15, 2012 4:45AM EST

Shane is very insightful psychotic, sila's is now trying to go legit and Andy found purpose but selling hash will get her caught in no time.

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