90210 ''Senior Year Baby'' Review (Season 3 Premiere)

The Season 3 Premiere of 90210 arrived and the Beverly Hills teens find themselves at the top of the school, finally as seniors. The summer has come and gone and we find in that space of time Annie has confessed to her hit and run and done her time under house arrest. Adrianna has been touring with Javier, who hasn’t given up on trying to sleep with her even though she is still seeing Naveed. Dixon and Annie watched the destruction of their parents’ marriage which resulted in Dixon having to leave Australia and Ivy, early. Naomi is left reeling from the actual rape by Mr. Connor as opposed to the one that she falsely accused him of last season. Everyone is eager to move on to their senior advisors, their internships, their professional tennis gigs, and their possible music careers. Of course, nothing ever goes that smoothly for the kids of 90210.

As soon as school starts, a major earthquake hits leaving everyone scrambling for cover and Mr. Connor attempting to protect Naomi. However, the way he grabs her and holds her only brings flashbacks of the rape from last season. After completely freaking out, Mr. Connor warns her not to spread anymore “lies.” Naomi responds by calling the police to report the rape. The problem, of course, is that there was never a rape kit done, Naomi didn’t tell anyone and so much time has passed. Naomi doesn’t like the person she has become and goes to great lengths to convince herself, and others, that she hasn’t changed at all. The highlights include a drunken strip tease for three random boys and basically flinging herself at Teddy. On top of all of that, Naomi is broke and has been living out of a seedy motel exchanging rent for used shoes and purses while spinning tales of her summer in Mexico. Add in a special guest spot for the Kardashian sisters and you can see just how low Naomi has gone.

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