HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER ''Unfinished'' Review Season 6, Episode 3

What did you think of tonight's episode of How I Met Your Mother? All I can say is that I hope Marshall brings back his funk band - those guys rocked! Let's break down tonight's episode by character:

Ted: So Ted finally gets the opportunity to design the new GNB building and is then conflicted about if he should accept the offer. Do you think he did the right thing? Even though he had a great thing going at his teaching job, I think he always would have regretted it if he didn't accept the offer. Plus he would have broken Barney's 'yes' streak.

Lily: This episode reminded me of why Lily is so damn awesome. WHERE'S THE POOP ROBIN!?. That was so classic. Lily is great because she always knows what's best for her friends. Like last season when she forced Robin and Barney to have the talk, she helped Robin do the right thing in Unfinished by getting her to remove Don's phone number.

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