Stargate Atlantis - Vegas (CONTAINS SPOILERS!!!!!!)

What a strange yet brilliant episode this was. I understood the wraith in Vegas; I understood the SG team becoming involved - I just didn't understand where the police version of Sheppard came from!

Short episode review with spoilers follows......

We start with a policeman, typical dishevelled but talented detective (John Sheppard - delicious in jeans) being called to the scene of the most recent of a spate of serial killer murders - where the vic has been aged beyond reason and has trace radioactivity about their body. He plays cards at night and after one game, chases (unknown to him) the wraith who has discovered that playing cards is an easy way to make untraceable money. The wraith falls from the casino roof, and policeman Shepherd watches in disbelief as he gets up and runs off after what should have been a fatal fall. Shepherd, a troubled man with a chequered past, starts following the radioactivity trail and it brings him to the attention of the SGA team (at least MacKay) who tells him about the wraith, the SG project and a potential plan by the wraith to alert the rest of his race to the position of earth. Shepherd puts the info together and comes across the wraith's hideout in the desert where he's tapping in to power lines to get enough juice to send his signal. A short gunfight follows (Shepherd having first alerted the team to where the wraith is holed up) and Shepherd is badly shot. The wraith and his caravan are blown up by fighter planes but not before he managed to get a short signal out and punch through a rift in time/space to alert whoever was able to hear it....setting us up for the finale next week.

Is detective Shepherd dead? Could he get any hotter? Even the wraith looked good in jeans! Excellent episode but starts out very odd!




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May 11, 2016 2:42PM EDT

I've seen the final episode. and [Mild Spoiler] yes, it does set up for the finale, but there is no more mention on this other dimension John Shepard in the finale. I assume he died in that episode after doing something right that he could be proud of.

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Jan 5, 2009 3:58AM EST

Yes, I had throught there was an interconnection between the two episodes as well, but apparently there's not. I had a long debate about paradoxes of realities meeting with someone else on another thread and apparently they are not connected. Shame. I thought they def were supposed to be.Good episode though!

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