The United States of Tara Review: "The Family Portrait" Season 2, Episode 9

With only a couple episodes left of United States of Tara, we are only just beginning to see just how deep Tara's rabbit hole really is!

"The Family Portrait" showed us a side of Max we never wanted to see! We know that Tara as Buck has been unfaithful to him, but did he really need to get back at her by sleeping with the same woman? There are so many things wrong with this picture.

When he left the art show last week, we knew he was up to know good! For some reason, we still see Aiden in his character and maybe that's why we are so disappointed with him. Up until last night's episode Max was pretty much a very stand up guy. Why do you think he cheated on Tara? Was it revenge? We can't believe Pammy would want to get so personally involved...this is a bit too reminiscent of Jerry Springer for us.

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