Recap Days of our Lives: Thursday 7/29/10

Carly prompts Bo under hypnosis to remember the night he was almost killed. Hope is positive they are about to finally get answers. Just when it looks like Hope might remember her alternate self, Caroline interrupts and reacts to the triangle together. Hope goes back home, where Carly later shows up and asks for help in getting Bo to take it easy. Hope is driven to find Bo's would-be murderer. Vivian shows up and says look no further, it's Carly. Bo runs into Abe and Theo at the police station and learns from Theo that Ciara's treasure was a collection of wallets and that she got them from her mommy.

Brady chases after Baker, but Baker gets away. Brady calls the police, and Nicole freaks when she learns this. Brady is suspicious of Nicole's nervousness, especially after she gets a call (he doesn't realize it's Baker). Nicole covers that it's a problem at the studio and leaves.

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