24 "4:00 A.M.-5:00 A.M.": Still Pondering Olivia's Fate, And This Season's As Well - Featured

That hour was... slow. Or, at least, it felt like it. Yes, I've recently acquired an appreciation for these slow moments on 24, and since we have roughly three hours remaining, we need yet another breather just to set up what'll happen--which, in this case, is a biological attack on a train station in a yet undisclosed location. That also means we're still playing the emotional card in this episode, and suddenly it dawns on you--everything is confusing. And I mean everything. I shall begin rambling from the next paragraph. Besides, everything's quite fresh from the screen. You've been warned.

I take back what I said about Olivia being dead at the end of the day. I'll revise that--she is soooo screwed. Chalk another result for getting your heart ahead of your head, but then again, she thought the plan to do whatever to Hodges--as it turns out, assassination by car bomb--wouldn't push through because she backed out. Then again, I'm getting this idea of Olivia being confused morally--angry one moment, confused the next, calm the next? I guess I find it a little, uhh, inhuman to switch that quickly, or I haven't really gotten wind of how her mind works. But with Woods' theory that the murder--just when he was getting a new identity, as Robert Tippitt--was an inside job, it shouldn't be long before she gets her due. Or maybe she's really bound to die, and this is all a distraction.

I was supposed to mention something about what Hodges--uhh, Tippitt--really wanted. To be recognized for his service to the country? Sure, no doubt, and that's why he wasn't so keen on the change of identity tactic. That's why he still kept a photo of his family in his shirt. And that's why he said he doesn't plan on becoming Tippitt for long. But that's all moot, since he's dead. Or is he?

Is it just me, or is this episode a little different? We've gone spiritual, folks. We've gone spiritual! I guess I didn't expect that from 24, but with two references to religion and other transcendental stuff--one aimed at Jack, who should, according to the Muslim suspect-slash-whatever they nabbed to prevent the attack, "learn to forgive [himself] and return to God", and the other at Olivia, who was told that Hodges will be judged "[probably] in the next life" by her mother--it really felt like a slow episode. Yes, we need reflection, but again, we're trying to prevent a terrorist attack, so these thoughts don't usually come out as calmly as it did. Or that's just me being the opposite of calm.

Finally, Jack's got at least two days to live. Actually, less than a day, maybe two--we got that, all right, since the fact's been mentioned twice in the episode, which isn't good for my gripes against repetition. With that in mind, I'm thinking yet again about how exactly they'll transition to the eighth season of 24, which (as we already know) will be set in New York. Will there be a fancy, magical solution to all this? Nah, the writers can't launch that again, since the experimental stem cell option a few hours back has been struck down. Will he magically be cured? That'd be unacceptable reality-wise.

My safest bet is that the next season will be very much connected to this one. At the extreme, I'll guess this season will end with a cliffhanger--the first terrorist attack will be a success, and Jack, with the rest of CTU-lite, will try to prevent a second, or a third, or a fourth. I don't know if you'll agree with me, but at this point it's the only option. Okay, argue with me, I'm ready... or something.

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