Recap Days of our Lives: Friday 7/30/10

Theo tells Bo that Ciara's treasure were wallets she got from her mom. Bo questions Ciara, who finally admits she took the wallets from Hope. Vivian, meanwhile, accuses Carly of trying to kill Bo, since she already killed Lawrence. Carly explains to Hope why she killed Lawrence and her explanation subconsciously resonates and rattles Hope as it parallels what Nighttime Hope feels toward Bo. Hope turns in early, surprised to find her pill bottle is empty. Deciding to deal with the matter tomorrow, she takes a pill she finds at the bottom of her purse and wakes up as Nighttime Hope. Thanks to Carly, she now knows what to do about Bo. Carly runs into Vivian and chews her out for accusing her of trying to harm Bo. Vivian is unrepentant. Realizing Carly is keeping yet more secrets from her, Vivian vows to find out what they are.

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