Recap Charmed: Season 7, Episode 7 - Someone to Witch Over Me

A demon is poaching humans' Guardian Angels as protection against the new power on the horizon.

Paige is smitten with Agent Brody, so she willingly helps him track down the demon. That may not be a good idea.

Piper is focused on exorcizing Leo's demons with a handy vision quest.

Phoebe is still suspicious of the men in her sisters' lives, but she agrees to help them out.

Agent Brody drags Phoebe and Paige to a burning building, where he predicts someone will jump but miraculously survive. Phoebe is skeptical, but he turns out to be right. This is not cause for celebration - he also predicts that innocent will suddenly die senselessly. He's right - the poor guy gets creamed by a truck. Brody and the sisters can't figure out what happened. Turns out the demon can operate at the speed of light, so he managed to snatch the Guardian so fast no one saw him. Or did he? Brody had helicopters filming the scene, and high-tech imaging reveals dark and light forces surrounding the victim. Brody decides to test the theory by leaping out of the next burning building and having Paige at the ready to see the Guardian-poacher. She does, but the demon takes her Guardian instead of Brody's.

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