Recap Charmed: Season 7, Episode 8 - Charmed Noir

"Cross, Double Cross," magical murder mystery, is sucking in the denizens of magic school - and they often don't survive the trip.

Paige is dealing with an irate gnomish professor, who wants to ban some book from the library for being politically incorrect, disrespectful to little people, or just plain violent.

Phoebe is back at work, and anxious to solve the romantic problems of the city - especially those of her sister Piper. She's not so happy about the budding romance between Brody and Paige, however.

Leo is suspiciously calm and collected now that he's an avatar. He wants to get back with Piper, and he asks Phoebe's help with planning, and Paige's help with babysitting.

Piper is having trouble shifting gears - she's used to dealing with tortured, guilty Leo, not confident, sunny Leo. She thinks his change in attitude is too good to be true.

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