Jumping On the Big Bandwagon

More to Love is, essentially, The Bachelor with overweight people. It's not supposed to be a dismissive statement: I do see the point of the show. Created by The Bachelor creator Matt Fleiss, the series intends to show that you can love yourself no matter what your size is--and, most especially, you can find love despite what everybody else says about your weight. Being comfortable with your own body, for instance.

Now, I haven't watched a lot of these dating shows--I stayed away from The Bachelor and all of its derivatives--but it does put an emphasis on size zeros and sexy figures. Of course, you'll probably say not everybody's like that, that it's just too perfect, that it seems a little too good to be true. That aspect's been parodied a few times, too.

However, for some reason I feel a bit skeptical towards the show's concept.

A part of me thinks there'd be a bit of humorous context to the show, and it'd be on the weight of the contestants and the searcher. Then again, I hope they won't, but I'll work a little harder to scrub that image off my head. Maybe host Emme will keep me grounded on this one.

But dating shows are the sort that you don't take very seriously. This is no The Biggest Loser--now that's inspirational, and unique, too.

And then there's that "not everybody's like that" line again. I've read a few comments online about the show, which will premiere on July 28 on Fox, and they're wondering why the bigger people have to be lumped together in their own reality show. "Some men like full-bodied women," one said. In other words, it's not exactly fair game--fat people go with fat people, and only with fat people? Ideally that isn't right.

Then again, the key word there is "ideally".

Maybe it's just my cynicism about how these things have gone before. Or, as I said, I didn't exactly see this coming--but now that it's arrived, the hope is it doesn't go towards lampooning what's consider a quick lampoon target. Maybe I'd watch the show and hope to feel better about myself, too. In some way. But we'll see.

That, or calling Luke Conley a "husky hunk" sounds funny.

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