Surprisingly Early Spoilers, Plus Paula Doing MJ?

I'm used to getting my hands on genre spoilers for So You Think You Can Dance by, say, Tuesday night. I guess the universe has conspired to turn things around a little bit, by giving us genre spoilers this early.

Well, not really this early--in fact, they've been around for a couple of days now, so you've probably seen them. As always, they're from the folks at SYTYCDism, and now that's out of the way, you might want to cover your eyes now. Spoilers for some of the couples are below!

Randi and Evan: Broadway (Joey Dowling)

Jeanine and Phillip: hip hop (Nappy Tabs)

Karla and Vitolio: quickstep

Kayla and Kupono: contemporary (possibly Sonya Tayeh)

Janette and Brandon: in the words of SYTYCDism, "something Latin"

That's just five of the seven remaining couples, and they haven't recorded the actual performances, so unless I'm missing something here, things are set to change soon. I've got my eyes on the new pairing, Karla and Vitolio--I know I should be saying this by Wednesday morning, but would he finally break free after a not-so-good stint with recently-eliminated Asuka?

Oh, and Phillip is doing hip hop again? That's a lucky hat pick. I can only hope Jeanine still manages to keep up.

Also, Mia Michaels is set to take the guest judge slot this week, so Brandon can only hope he can get things right, or else, well... yeah.

The other big story on the SYTYCD front is a possible tribute to Michael Jackson, who passed away last Thursday in circumstances we all should know by now. While there's been a mention on last week's results show, Nigel Lythgoe has requested that American Idol judge--oh, and I should mention, choreographer--Paula Abdul do a MJ tribute on the show.

Well, it somehow seems natural, what with both shows being under the same production company, right? Nigel asked for "Twitter-power" in convincing Paula, who notably choreographed music videos for Michael's sister Janet. Her response: "Have your people call my people, Nigel, and let's do it!"

Some of those who've seen the news on SYTYCDism wonder where Wade Robson, who famously began his career by imitating the King of Pop's moves, is. Shouldn't he be choreographing this one? Personally, it'd be better to see him dancing those moves during the tribute, if any. But I leave that to you, as always. That, and the still-floating question regarding Katie Holmes, which we've probably forgotten by now...

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