Preview of Episode 2.2 "What's Done is Done"

On tonight's episode of The Secret Life of The American Teenager - "What's Done is Done" - Grace (Megan Park) believes her actions (read: sex) are responsible for her father's death, and is understandably very guilty, while Ben (Kenny Baumann) searches for a place in Amy's (Shailene Woodley) life.

On the ABC Family drama's sophomore season opener, we found out that with Amy no longer pregnant, someone on The Secret Life of the American Teenager should be sporting a baby bump in the next few months (or faster in the television universe) - Amy (Molly Ringwald), only we don't know who the father is, George of her boss David, who previously said that he's been neutered, but you can't really trust those things, can you.

Also, Grace and Jack hooked up. If we can recall, those two got back together in the finale, although Grace had originally planned to wait until after medical school and marriage for sex - she did concede that while she's not ready for sex yet, she's also unsure whether she could wait until marriage. Another surprise - Adrian actually tried to stop them during their first attempt.

In a related semi-spoiler, Zap2it's Korbi Ghosh has revealed, perhaps needlessly, that the travails of the show's central love triangle - Amy, Ricky, and Ben - will be as tumultuous as ever. "She and Ben are still together, but they're in for a rocky road this year as Ricky becomes more involved in Amy and the baby's life. Actually, Ben won't be all about Amy and only Amy forever."

In ratings news, the Secret Life of the American Teenager opener last week became the show's most watched telecast ever in terms of viewers at 4.7 million tuning in, and also cable's number one scripted original series this summer so far.

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