Did You Hear About the Morgans?

A fish-out-of-water story with a bit of a freshness issue, "Did You Hear About the Morgans?" stars Sarah Jessica Parker and Hugh Grant as barely civil Manhattan marrieds who witness a murder, move to Wyoming and, naturally, rediscover love, liberty and the pursuit of sappiness. While no one involved needs to go into witness protection, "Morgans" exploits enough tired presumptions about city-vs.-country life that auds might start to hear the "Green Acres" theme playing in their heads. Still, the pic's star power and writer-director Marc Lawrence's flair for the romantic-comedy-as-Jell-O-shot ("Music and Lyrics") should spell decent B.O. and even a few laughs.

Over a black-and-white opening credits sequence, we hear lawyer Paul Morgan (Grant) leaving an extended voicemail for his estranged wife, Meryl (Parker), a high-rolling New York real estate agent whose success has landed her on the cover of a major magazine. Paul is clearly trying to woo Meryl back, but his efforts annoy not only Meryl but also the couple's his-and-her personal assistants, Jackie (Elisabeth Moss) and Adam (Jesse Liebman), whose obsessive text-messaging and general careerism is neither charming nor funny. Nor, for that matter, is much of the pic's depiction of Manhattan as a soul-crushing hellhole.

Everyone looks a bit frantic and miserable. After some begging on Paul's part, Meryl agrees to dine with him at a high-end East Side restaurant (presumably so they can bum out all the other people eating $100 dinners). Taking a postprandial walk to their respective homes, they get an unexpected treat: A murder takes place on a terrace above them, the body plummets to the street, and the killer shows his face to the startled couple.

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