The Hills: Stephanie Pratt Swears to Stay Sober

Last month's DUI arrest definitely taught Stephanie Pratt a lesson, which is why she's made a promise for the upcoming New Year. On an interview with Hollyscoop, the star of MTV's The Hills said that staying sober would be her resolution and she'll definitely be sticking to that.

"I feel like hitting a Top Shop [boutique] in New York and having nice and sober New Years," Pratt told the publication during her stay at the French Connection Holiday Suite. "Life is very good."

Along with this resolution comes another one for Stephanie. She's planning to spend more time with the family, as well as attend Church more often. "It's a new thing," she declared.

While hanging out with the family will be keeping her busy these days, it doesn't quite include his celebrity brother. "No, not with Spencer, I have my own life," Stephanie said.

Part of that is her plan to leave The Hills next season, because she's been hoping to venture into new experiences that don't involve reality TV. She found the whole environment of the show "brutal" and she just couldn't take that easily.

Still, The Hills won't be the last you see of Stephanie Pratt. She's going to take on another job, which will allow her to be at the center of the industry. She was just hired to be a freelance fashion correspondent for E!. And since fashion encompasses movies and television, she'll be doing something major for her career.

It's only right that Stephanie Pratt promise to have a sober New Year's, since new beginnings are already unfolding before her. As for the rest of us, she's wishing her fans all the best.

"I just want to wish you guys happy holidays. Everyone have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah. Have a great Kwanzaa, and everything else and Happy New Years," she exclaimed.

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