'Survivor' Samoa: A Hero Will Rise Episode 14

Reality show editors have an amazing amount of power. With just a few clicks of a mouse they can make America fall in love with someone, or ruin their credibility. If you're ever on one of these shows and you accidentally step on an editor's foot in the CBS elevator say you're sorry, or you might become the next Brett Clouser.

Brett has been ghost-like for most of this season. If you ever thought you saw a blue streak of light in the background, just for a moment, that was Brett.

Booted contestants raved about how he was the greatest guy out there and he could yet sweep the jury. But we didn't know who they were talking about. Brent? Brad? Who?

If you assumed, as I did, that Brett was simply bland and muttered his confessionals into his sleeve, you were wrong. Because the editors flipped the switch on Brett tonight and the lights went on. It was an awesome display of power. A reminder. "Next time say you're sorry."

Almost from the opening shot this week, I felt differently about Brett. This is - we discovered - a guy who recites Bible passages to comfort Natalie. Some viewer's hackles may have risen at the mere mention of the word Ephesians. But I doubt it was the majority.

This wasn't some 'dark' agenda he was pushing on her. He was helping her through the stressful afternoons - giving her a taste of her life back home - and she was eating it up. Forget about WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart. This is Brett Heart!

Flashback to the final moments of the previous episode, when Laura whispered to him from the jury to "Stay strong." No heartfelt piece of advice was needed then. He just flashed her a goofy smile and a big old finger-gun.

He can be serious. He can be funny. In about two shots the editors have made Brett feel like my new 'old buddy.' As much as I admire Russell's strategy, Brett and Natalie have something he doesn't. I'm fairly sure it's the same stuff that causes ETs finger to glow.

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