Jack Davenport Doesn't Want His Own 'Flash Forward'

Like actor Jack Davenport maybe we can all sigh with relief at the fact that FlashForward is just a television show. If a global blackout were to happen in real life, we wouldn't be equipped enough to handle it since it's doubtful our lives are planned out to the last detail.

Anyway, the 36-year-old star revealed to the Press Association how he hopes actual flashes of the future won't happen in real life. When asked if he'd like to experience his own vision, Davenport answered with a laugh, "Absolutely not - I'm scared enough of the future as it is, ignorance is bliss!"

Well, that won't exactly bode well with us viewers since we want answers. How involved is his character, Lloyd Simcoe, with the flash-forward phenomenon anyway? The English actor didn't want to spoil anything for the fans though, so we'll all just have to catch more of him on Flash Forward.

Regarding the show, Jack Davenport admitted how pleased he was that audiences from his hometown are getting to see what he's working on. He's well-known in the UK for his portrayal in the BBC series titled This Life, and has quite a fanbase back there. Luckily, it doesn't take much time for them to see the actor in Flash Forward.

"A lot of the time when you do stuff over here either it takes a hell of a lot of time to get back home, or doesn't, and there's a certain element of 'what have we been up to for the last however long', so I'm really pleased that it's being shown on terrestrial television and it's available for everyone to watch," Davenport explained.

He also talked about his co-stars on the show, most of which grew up in the same country as he did. "[T]here's a lot of British actors in it," he said, hoping to entice viewers from the UK to watch the show.

Working with Joseph Fiennes, Sonya Walger and Dominic Monaghan, he joked: "We can't stand each other!" before adding "No, we have a good time!"

Even though he may not want a glimpse of his own future, Jack Davenport already has quite an exciting path lined up for him with his role in Flash Forward. And with good company too.

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