Boston Legal Season 1, Episode 3: 'Catch and Release' - Review

It's a longstanding, preconceived notion that lawyers, as well as politicians, are the scum of the earth. A necessary evil. Deceptive, duplicitous, dishonest and every other 'd' word that means the same thing. Well, I'm not even going to try and rebut that, because the lawyers at Crane, Poole, & Schmidt seem content to perpetuate the stereotype. And that works for them...somehow.

When your main character's personal relationship with a co-worker is your main plotline, you have a problem, especially if the dynamic of the couple is just plain off. Sally is making Alan look, well, bad, and her only saving grace was pulling a rabbit out of her skirt (instead of her hat) with a technique Alan suggested. Even if the rabbit wasn't of the hooker variety this week. I was glad to see Alan drop the patronizing attitude he had developed towards Christine and finally draw the line somewhere, both in his initial defiance of her being opposing counsel and then later making much of his litigation applicable both to the case at hand and his current situation with his ex-lover/ex-attempted murderer.

Denny took the spotlight in this episode, which wouldn't have been a problem whatsoever if everything he did wasn't entirely involved with the superfluous appearance of his supposed son, whose actual link to Denny was actually proven wrong at the end of the episode, conveniently ending the story and allowing them to move on without further development of the 'father' layer for Denny. All he did in a courtroom was sit in the back and root for both sides, while Brad's drivel continued and "Donny Crane" made the obligatory self announcement even more trivial than it was before. Sorry, but Bill Shatner is the only one who can pull that off, and even then, I'd enjoy it more if it was used sparingly. Hell, even Sally got in on the action by the end of the episode, and what was once a character-specific quirk is now a firm-wide joke. Unfortunately, it's lost it's meaning.

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