Boston Legal Season 1, Episode 4: 'Change of Course' - Review

In spite of a somewhat successful melding of the two contrasting aspects of this show, I was unsettled by the fact that the "high priced world of civil law" that was so highly touted during promotion has been pushed aside for two criminal cases; if you want this show to assume it's own personality, away from The Practice, then you cannot rely on the plotlines that are prevalent in criminal law. A criminal case here and there is unavoidable, perhaps even preferable; but here it was overkill. And while the characters seem to grow in baby steps, leaps and bounds, or not at all, I'm still enjoying tuning in every week.

Alan may not be the shining beacon of hope for the law show he was on The Practice, but at least he's still the poster child for questionable ethics. The fact that everybody in the firm knows it, including the insufferable and office-less Lewiston, only makes it that much more enjoyable. I was even able to look past the terrible mismatch that is Alan and Sally, because I truly believe the quiet conclusion means that they're finally done. And although he remains, generally speaking, largely inactive in the courtroom, he's still the most fun to watch. I can only hope he'll get even more interesting now that he's cast Sally aside. (Or did she cast him aside? Is that distinction irrelevant?) <--- I'll give you the answer to that one - it's a yes.

I still think Sally is a waste of screen time; that's not to say that she isn't an integral character, or that she's entirely useless - I simply believe they are spending too much time on her. Perhaps the title of this episode has more than one meaning - I certainly hope that the 'change of course' involves a shift away from Sally and more towards Tara, who is still absent. And the fact that she is missing is felt; there is a definite hole in Crane, Poole, & Schmidt. And for now, Sally does not succeed in filling it.

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