Were Karen and Kevin Too Sexy for 'So You Think You Can Dance?'

While the judges thought that Wade Robson's Starry Night revenge piece would be the most controversial routine of the Top 18, they were wrong. The routine that got America all riled up was Karen and Kevin's 'auto erotic' hip hop routine, choreographed by Tabitha and Napoleon. It would seem, there was a little too much bump, grind, and booty shaking for some people's taste and they've taken to Twitter to decry the routine as too sexy for So You Think You Can Dance.

While I am apt to agree that it was a sexy routine and featured a couple of risque moves, I don't feel like it was more risque than anything we've seen on So You Think You Can Dance before. Where were the cries of "too sexy" and "risque" when Jason and Jeannine had simulated dance sex at the end of their Travis Wall choreographed contemporary routine last year? Surely that was more graphic and overtly sexual than a little booty shaking in Kevin's face. Or when an entire contemporary routine was choreographed to celebrate Randi Evans' butt. It has me wondering, is there something more offensive to viewers about a sexually charged hip hop routine than a sexually charged contemporary one?

And for those of you crying "the children, what about the children?!?" I guarantee you there is dirtier dancing happening at middle school dances all across America. There certainly was at my middle school dances, well over a decade before So You Think You Can Dance debuted. A dance show, choreographed and performed by artists, is not corrupting the youth of America. For the love of Pete, Miley Cyrus danced on a pole wearing booty shorts at the Teen Choice Awards this year.

It would seem the "too sexy" criticism riled up the choreographers of the piece, because Tabitha and Napoleon took to their Twitter yesterday to defend it.

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Nov 7, 2009 11:13AM EST

You are absolutely spot on, and if theyre talking about risque then the girls costumes had better be overalls and the men had better keep their shirts on, and there were no comments when the stripper auditioned. It seems we still have a few in the audience whos objective is to have a Winge. As I say if you dont like it change channels and if your worried about the children they should be in Bed.
keep up the good work SYTYCD


What's wrong with this comment?

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Nov 8, 2009 7:43AM EST

hear hear! Pussycat Dolls would do far "worse" in a fraction of the clothing, and I think the only reason anyone noticed is because Karen is super hot. Hooray for Miley being voted "worse celebrity influence" on some AOL poll. Oh pop music icons.....what the EFF.

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