Boston Legal Season 1, Episode 6: 'Truth Be Told' - Review

I'd like to start off with an apology for not posting a review for last weeks episode (1.05 'An Eye For An Eye'). I even had a clever name for the review before I even saw the episode, but the age old VCR problems have plagued me for this last week. I had similar problems when taping the other show I review, Lost; unfortunately, ABC does not air reruns of Boston Legal, at least not yet. Once I see the episode I'll be sure to post a (late) review for it.

Anyways, I'm finally feeling optimistic about this show again, like I was during it's early development stages and all summer long as I saw promos for it. There is something of a character balance and rotation - Tara has reappeared, and Brad was shifted away from the focus. I know that he'll be back, though, and with 16 episodes still to go in the season, I'm more than positive that by the end of Season 1 everything will be in order. Sometimes, it takes time for a new show to find it's feet, and I'm more than willing to give the show as much time as it needs, because it has the potential to be an amazing law show whose characters are more important than the plotlines, a flaw that has been epitomized by law shows in past years.

I think something that the creative team behind Boston Legal have realized is that the idea that the entire show and firm would focus on the "high priced world of civil law" is limiting the show's concept and ultimately taking away from what it could be; this episode, however, proved that they've found a balance, as episodes like 'Change of Course' focused more on the criminal aspect of things (something that I criticized) and episodes like this one honed on on moral and civil issued which, when crafted and written carefully, can be just as human and pensive as any criminal case. The two stories told tonight were a testament to that fact.

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