The 'Work of Art'ists Explore Their Own Art History

It turns out that Erik wasn't the only one who didn't like Miles. Mark and Ryan don't care for him either. Simon takes the artists to a museum, which is not the biggest shock in reality television. But, surprise, it's a Children's Museum! The challenge is to create a piece exploring the experiences that shaped them into an artist using the materials available in the children's art room. Miles and Jaclyn less than enthusiastic about it.

The lack of materials presents a challenge for everyone, and is producing some childish-looking work. It looks like Peregrine is doing well, though (finally!). Also progressing: the Miles-Nicole flirtation. Simon is skeptical of Ryan's work--he may have interpreted the challenge too literally. In fact, he wasn't big on Abdi's piece either. Nicole is really into stratigraphy, isn't she?

Miles just disregarded the challenge, more or less, and I think this could be his downfall. But other peoples' work looks bad enough that he could be safe. Jaclyn is back to being overly-guarded for an artist. Simon issued a warning to the artists, and nobody is super thrilled about their work. As a result, Abdi re-structures, and Jaclyn gets more confused.

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